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by Barbie Gayle

Yes, I said it. 

Goop is highly curated selection of items chosen by Gwyneth Paltrow..from high priced vitamins to steamed vaginas to overpriced t-shirts to unrealistic cleansing. 

If you are part of the elite crowd and you want to make sure your chatting about the latest over priced fad at the next dinner party then continue your upper echelon life and go for Goop as usual.

For us weirdos or ordinary beings taking vitamin packs like "Why Am I so Effing Tired?" at the cost of $90 for 30 supplements may be a bit much. It's perfect for the wealthy that have the cash to literally burn and hey... its only $1,080 for a whole year!

Popping vitamins without consulting a doctor is a one stop train to stupid town unless you pop drugs like candy...then your safe. Please check with your doctor before doing anything drastic to your system.

Overdose of vitamins is possible although I doubt that will happen with one pack of this brew of herbs, roots and omega 3's. But if your allergic to some of the ingredients...allergy sufferers beware?

Did you  know too much vitamin B6 can cause nerve damage if ingested for more than one year.

Who is Dr. Alejandro Junger anyway? (The medical expert?)

Junger graduated from Uruguay and then did his fellowship at Lenox Hill Hospital for three years...now he shows affiliation with the same hospital. If you try to do a credential search on Dr. Junger you get a ton about his cleanse company and more goop.

Remember because of the disclaimer they are not liable for your choice:)

Disclaimer: I'm exercising my first amendment rights for Freedom of Speech.


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