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Taboos, Bloodsuckers, Freaks...oh my.

There is such a huge interest in mysticism, taboos and the dark side of life that we decided to dedicate a page to all things wonky...so put on a masquerade mask and don those latex gloves and stockings and grab a real bag of popcorn.

Halloween Erotica Neurotica

Movies and shows that straddle the line between the erotic, exotic, neurotic obscure and morbid. 

MyLunakiss Top 6 Halloween Erotica Neurotica


True Blood is so popular that we don't need to explain the shape shifters, vampires and werewolves and much more gore... There is even a True Blood drink by HBO - let's cash in on the sensationalism...shall we! If you missed True Blood Season 5...you can watch it all again on video.

True Blood HBO

FYI - IF you don't have time to rewind an episode of True Blood that you missed - check out the True Blood Fan spoiler site.

DEXTER airs on SHO - perfect mix of serial killer mastermind that leads a double life filled with contradiction.  DEXTER is in it's sixth season and according to Showtime...Dexter's existence is shattered when he crosses paths with an enemy unlike any he's faced before. A delusional religious zealot with unflinching convictions, this new adversary soon draws Dexter into a dangerous game that could well end in disaster.

DEXTER - Season 7 SHO

FYI - Showtime allows you to watch on FREE episode or trailer before they haunt you with a subscription.

American Horror Story
It's a mix between Six Feet Under and Nip Tuck. This FX series is based on the Harmon's, a family of three who move from Boston to LA to escape anguish and predictable skeletons in the closet. The first show brought in over 3.2 million viewers and now American Horror Story is in it's second season. I prefer the ad campaign from 2011 versus 2012.

American Horror Story
FYI - You can watch the premiere episode of American Horror Story on FX channel free of charge and they have really cool pics.

Carnivale aired on HBO and ended in 2005, it was a mixture of circus freak side show mysticism mixed in with Southern frontier horror and religion gone awry. It reminds us of windy road to somewhere that we don't want to go down but are drawn to it like moths to a flame.
FYI - You can watch some of the episodes on Youtube for free or on TV Blink.

My Strange Addiction

Not really sexy more "what in the world" reality horror based documentary self discovery and self help show. All weird and questionable actions of "what in the world" episodes are available on TLC for your viewing pleasure. I mean who does not want to see the episode on the woman who sleeps with her blow dryer or the man that treats his life size doll like a real wife.

FYI - TLC claims you can watch full episodes but they edit the clips and then commercials pop up like zombies between episodes... you may not want to see the whole episode but if you want to see gory details search on Metatube or YouTube. 

If you have a strange obsession or if you fit the profile of anything odd that is airing or about to air on TLC there always casting, click here.

Need we say more than that word, it represents everything we ever read in fairy tales but darker and no happy ending. Imagine if you could see demons or witches or werewolves in real life. No need to hurt you brain..check out the site. 

If you have not seen GRIMM  check out Season 1.

Twin Peaks 

Twin Peaks

Okay, maybe it's too remote for most people but it is still a cult hit...30 episodes, 2 years and 39 nominations, 11 wins and 3 Golden Globes. You figure it out.  Series created by David Lynch based on FBI agent investigating murder of teenage homecoming queen.
Twin Peaks held a sold out festival in August.

If you are tired of the drill Halloween parties at your neighbor house or can't stand the sound of of kids running wild or adult conversation or Styrofoam cheese puffs...have no fear MyLunaKiss is here to rescue you from the insanity.

Check out MyLunakiss List of the Top Halloween Erotica Events worldwide for 2012 - 2013!

MyLunaKiss writer, Barbie Kiss attended one of the Endless Night events in NYC!  

"I have friends that attended the New Orleans bash. It is mystical and very vampiric without the blood sacrifice. If you like True Blood and Fantasy this may be the perfect event for you." Attend Endless Night events in  ..if you dare...or live in NYC, or New Orleans and of course Paris or Germany!


The Endless Night Vampire Ball New York 2013

NY Vampire Ball 2013
Endless Night NY Vampire Ball 2013

The Endless Night Vampire Ball Paris 2013

Paris Vampire Ball 2013
Endless Night April 2013 - PARIS

The Endless Night Vampire Ball New Orleans 2013

Endless Night Vampire Ball
Endless Night New Orleans Vampire Ball

The Endless Night Vampire Ball Germany 2013 - DECEMBER

Germany Vampire Ball 2013
Endless Night Germany 2013


Berlin, Germany Vampire Ball 2012
Endlessnight German Vampire Ball 2012
New Orleans Vampire Ball 2012
Paris Vampire Ball 2013

NY Vampire Ball 2012
NY Halloween Parade
Want to go to the NY Halloween Parade? If no, you should go and if yes ..you should go. NY Halloween Parade. Check out Halloween Events at the Parks.

If you are looking for a good party in NYC on Halloween Night...don't be scared...there is plenty of  things to do...checkout: http://halloweennyc.com/ - list of all Halloween Parties in NYC and beyond.

Check these sites often for 2013 New York Halloween events, Brooklyn Halloween Events, Bronx Halloween Events, Long Island Halloween Parties, Staten Island Halloween Parties and even Westchester Halloween Events...don't forget Queens Halloween Events.

Zombie Boy Fashion
Zombie Boy

Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse
Fight like a Zombie
Starts in early September
4215 Thurman Rd.
Conley, GA 30288


Halloween Chicago Zombie Armies
17250 S. Weber Road
Crest Hill, IL 60441

Annual Chicago Halloween "Thriller"
9pm - 2am, Chicago, IL
Five Years of Thriller.Voted Top 10 Halloween Events In Chicago by RedEye, and Featured On NBC !!! Ca$h prizes for scariest costume, they have a Scary "In-Door" Door Haunted House and they are sponsored Svedka's Ghoulish Hosted Bar From 
Chicago Halloween Thriller

For more Chicago Halloween Events, click here.


WANT TICKETS for all Halloween events in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Las Vegas and San Francisco

Playboy Mansion Halloween 2013 - Playboy Mansion Party Tickets 2013 - VIPexclusives.com
Playboy Mansion Halloween 2013

Staying at home for Halloween is so Celtic!

Vampire's Kiss Drink

Crowds not your thing...would you rather scare yourself at home...watch a movie and then heat up the night.

There are websites for people who prefer not to venture out into the night and since Hallows Eve falls on a Monday most of the action will be on the weekend. 

We found this random dude named Gary who created a website with pictures of skeletons and ghouls created in the comfort of his creepy home...I dare you to look: Tons of ideas and a bit of history on Gary and his Halloween obsessions. Gary's Halloween Site

Tired of carving pumpkins with smelly seeds...why not concoct a brew for two or more.
Thanks to the Webtender (Web Bartender get it...wink wink) he shares recipes to get you so toasted or zonked nothing will scare you. Our favorite is the Vampire's Kiss Check out the Webtender Halloween Drink recipes.

Think you can be the next TAPS or believe you can make a connection with the shadows of the beyond. Ghost Hunters SyFy teamed up with Apple iTunes and created an app for all of the haunted houses in America but it does not work anymore. Check out Ghost Hunters on Facebook or you can peruse the Ghost Hunter forum, check it out: Ghost Hunter Forum

Dance to 80's music videos on Halloween...like why not? Miss watching music videos on MTV? The buzz is that MTV plans to bring some of the music back but let's not get too excited. In the meantime, walk down memory lane or learn a new 80's song by watching MyLunaKiss 80's Dance Halloween.

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