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Laverne and Shirley - Sitcom 80's

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by Tracy Lugo

I have wanted to shout that from the rooftops for years and dammit I finally did it!

For those of you that were born in 1990's the reference may seem a bit dorky but I love my retro shows.

As I ramble and scramble this post from Girls to Laverne and Shirley.

Not getting it yet? 

Lena Dunham
Laverne and Shirley was a sitcom that aired in the early 1980's; a hybrid comedy/drama about two girls (one from Brooklyn) that were best friends and roommates working in a Milwaukee brewery. The premise of the show was based on these single gals living on their own, working and handling barbs from their annoying male neighbors Lenny and Squiggy. The friendship between the two women is the main theme of the show.

What's my point? 


Lena Dunham's millennial sex crazed Seinfeld inspired show GIRLS on HBO is a hybrid comedy/drama. If you added a laugh track to certain scenes it could be a sitcom. The characters don't grow.  Each episode is a "coming of age"scenario sans a message at the end.  I admit that I watch GIRLS. Although, I feel empty and uncomfortable at the end of each episode (like I ate too much cereal and I feel bad about it but I am still hungry). I get this weird feeling after I watch the final scene usually ending with Lena Dunham's character Hannah sitting, eating or standing alone to gloat or smirk or drift into a narcissistic ponder. At times it's predictable but not so much that it becomes routine.

Sex and the City - Season 1

Honestly, I was more fulfilled watching Sex and the City (like eating grapes, cheese and crackers with a glass of Malbec) because there was a point sometimes. Yes, I overdosed on Manolo Blahniks worn by Carrie Bradshaw or the male obsessions of the four women but I loved the female bonding. I also cared what happened to the characters and I relished in the romance. I digress.

I can't say the same for Girls. I honestly don't care what happens to any of the characters, and it seems there is less of them and more of Hannah each new season.  I don't think the writers care if you give a frig about any of the characters in the show. Furthermore, the friendships between the girls is based on a bond that is easily broken and betrayed.

Would you sleep with your best friends boyfriend? 

I wouldn't want to be friends with any of these girls nor would I trust any of them. I think we ALL watch because the line between Hannah and Lena Dunham is blurred. Are we watching Lena exercise her demons weakly in a cathartic display of self efficacy? Lena Dunham makes an effort as well as the cast in the interviews to stress there is stark difference between her and Hannah. I'm not sure?

Sex and the City Season 2

Backstabbing narcissistic feminists that only care about themselves? It's everywhere... from reality show bitch fests on Bravo TV to girl fight fests of Love and Hip Hop to egos beyond the stratosphere like #KimKardashian...

Queen of selfies and narcissism and plastic surgery AKA botox AKA fillers. I wonder what she will look like in the next five years?

There is no question #Kimye is beautiful but #WOMEN she is cosmetically beautiful not that she wasn't pretty before all of the augmentation but real beauty is on the inside not the outside because that fades or you eventually look like the JOKER from Batman. I DIGRESS!

Kim Kardashian selfie #5 Million

Kim Kardashian circa 1990' that nose looks different?

Kim Kardashian "Before Surgery and After Surgery"
Stop the fillers...!
#Girls popularity and viewership thrives off the social media buzz, viral tiffs and tweets more than the 'message'...aside from the theme that life totally sucks in your 20's and it's best to stay ignorant and self loathed and narcissitic  and high as hell at all costs to deal or not to deal.

It's the accolades and awards for Girls on HBO that justifies the right to bare all just because they can and it catapults it's writer, director and lead star into million dollar book deals, essays, letters, videos..blah blah. She deserves it!

GIRLS HBO Season 1

I wonder if GIRLS would get this much buzz if  t was less self deprecating? Call it feminism or right to expression or I can't think of anything for this scene so let's fill it with gratuitous sex but what is the point? Or does it even matter?

I suggest a laugh track in Season 4!


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