Butt's don't lie...I'll tell you Why!

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Madonna 1990's SEX BOOK
“If your joy is derived from what society thinks of you,
you're always going to be disappointed.” 

― Madonna

by Barbie Kiss

Yes, thank you Kim Kardashian for posing nude again and again! You took a giant step backwards and a huge leap for narcissism and tackiness continues it's narrow path in the subconscience of women everywhere.

Am I too harsh? Are my words mean spirited considering #kimkardashian claims her fame with beauty. body and sex tape. Her talent is promoting herself. Marilyn Monroe had more intelligence, wit and charm.

Hate or not...Kim Kardashian knows how to promote her brand. Her brand is her physical attributes.

If Kim K. was a stock her shares would be skyrocketing at this moment but for how long? Where is the mystery Kim? Where is the originality? It seems that Rihanna has the same attitude as Kimye, "the more you expose yourself the more freedom you have" Rihanna quote.

What's the obsession with derriere or rear? JLo, Nicky Minaj, Lady Gaga, Miley (well she does anything), Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Iggy...the list is endless. It's not restricted to the posterior either it's full frontal nudity. Are we on a 1970's rewind again? I can dig it.

These poses are not NEW, it's as old as the Renaissance period. Check out my timeline of famous pin  up poses and ask yourself. Have we learned anything? Oh, yes - we have learned that nothing has changed and sex sells, sells and sells.

Renaissance Painting

Betty Grable 1940's

Bettie Page 1950's

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Raquel Welch 1970's
Kim Kardashian,  Lady Gaga,  Iggy Azalea


NOW .....4eva

Women who Pimp...stay tuned for my next article...people.:)


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