Confessions of a Mail Order Bride - Part II

mail order bride
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It's hard to imagine marrying someone you hardly know - most people might not but thousands of women do it every year. These women mostly from Russia, South America and Asia marry strangers for many reasons: a better life, an educational opportunity, a chance to wed an American man, an escape from a terrible situation.

Who can judge unless you are in their position...then you really know. This story was printed in Marie Claire back in 2000, but it is still a worthy read and it Oksana Makarova's story is an example of the stark reality that some foreign brides encounter and what happens when the ending is not like the fairy tale they imagined.

My Life as a Mail-Order Bride

To escape an impoverished life in Ukraine, Oksana Makarova married a Florida doctor who could give her young son a future. Things did not go as planned.As told to Kira Zalan.

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