You used to hold me...?

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by Barbie Kiss
Sex in the City
Carrie Bradshaw and Big
Vogue Photo Shoot

Whatever happened to our love? Oh, how I long for the good days. I still remember how you used to hold me tight. 

I remember your passionate kisses and tender whispers of love. It's nice to reminisce...first loves are always sweet and pure. 

Angie and Brad aka Brangie
Angelina and Brad Pitt
Do Sexy Women over 40 go into nostalgia mode? YES!  Why not, there is nothing wrong with that...women are reared on romance from the time they are young enough to walk. We all know the story without thinking ... the Prince marries the Princess and they live happily ever after, one look, one dance and one kiss and we are good for the rest of our lives.

How can we not be caught up in that.; we feed on the impossible love. Love songs, romantic books, soap operas, movies and sonnets.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jlo and Ben Affleck
Of course we long for our first loves or best loves and to experience that once more because the memories are based on the good time which are short lived for the most part unless if you are one of the lucky few to still be with your soul mate.

Would you choose to relive those amazing moments with your first love now as you are or go back to the time as it was even if it's for a day? Which would you choose?

Stay tuned.


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