What was the purpose of that? Bat Sh**t Crazy

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Lady Gaga Quote

MyLunakiss Response: So are you saying that we should follow men instead of a career? Are you taking your own advice? We say follow your heart and your dreams..and why not have both?


Why do we think it is okay to being ridiculed, cursed, mocked and blasted with media, comedy and mainstream pop? 

Have we become so used to the name calling and negative connotations that it is now the norm? 

Are we all **itches? 

I watched a stand-up comedy concert by Kevin Hart  "Let Me Explain" several nights ago. Hart was telling jokes to a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden and half the show before the stand up started was an overview of all the shows that were performed to sold out crowds in Canada and Europe. 

I admit I was laughing as well, but several days later..I kept recalling the derogatory words Hart used for women and his thoughts on their lack of sanity. 

Crazy Women

Is that okay? 

Is this an overreaction to what is common now cursing at everyone..you see it on Mob WivesCurse words still have the same meaning no matter how many times they are used or drilled into your head. 

Crazy Females

I wonder if most young females are running as fast as they can to crazy town? Are they signing up to be called derogatory names, participate in mindless sex, pop a dozen pills with a glass of wine, worship cults, and act self absorbed by posting selfies and tweeting about how "no one understand's me" and then thinking it's cool to check into rehab - which is fodder for a journey that they will write about in their memoir? 

Ke$ha - Crazy Kids

Are we reliving the 70's?. Those queens that were riding horses at Studio 54 are of the few...actually one.. not everyone can marry Mick Jagger.

Lena Dunham, actress and writer for Girls HBO
"You know, I always think of myself as sort of ready for every criticism."


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