Am I dating a Criminal?

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My new Netflix obsession is Who the BLEEP Did I Marry?  on ID.

When I was younger I always wondered if the guys I dated kept frozen heads in their fridge! I know shocker but hey it happens to the best people.

That is why I am sharing the AM I WITH A CRIMINAL LIST with you. 

Most criminals, bigamists, serial cheaters or shady guys exhibit the same behavior patterns. 


DATER or WIFE BEWARE! If you answer YES to 3 or more of these questions...CHECK HIM OUT. These questions are based on dating someone for more than 6 months (not casually dating).

  1. Does he share sad stories of his past but there are no facts to back it up?
  2. If he has a social media page it is not active?
  3. Does he claim to like everything you like?
  4. Does he tell you his occupation but you never met any of his co-workers?
  5. If you need to contact him at work you have to call his cell phone? You don't have access to his direct line at work?
  6. Does he claim to make a lot of money but after several dates he asks you to pay often after and/or ask to borrow money because his money is tied up temporarily?
  7. Is he super attentive in the beginning but as time goes by (6 months or more) he makes excuses to leave or disappear without a real explanation?
  8. Has he claimed that he has no family or lost contact with them? 
  9. Have you known him for more than 6 months and you have never met or spoken to anyone from his family?
  10. Does he ask you to marry him within the first 6 months or less of meeting him? Has he mentioned marriage on the first 3 dates?
  11. Does he claim he will be home by a certain time but he is hours late and if you try to call him he doesn't answer and/or restricts communication to text only (occurs more than 3 times)?
  12. Does he claim he is serving in the military but you never go to the base and/or never met any of his friends that serve in the military?
  13. If he was married in the past he states that his wife has died or she moved far away and was never good to him?
  14. If he has kids has he said they are no longer living or he has no contact with them?

We are all victims at some point in our lives but we should not fall victim to fables and follies. If it is too good to be true check it out or if you have doubts check it out.


  1. so make me want to do background check


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