70's ads...sex without excuse Part II

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Ditto's 1970's ad for Jeans

The print ads from the 1970's are filled with sexual innuendos that don't require much time to read between the lines as I shared in 70's ads ...sex without excuse. Peruse the provocative ads that really pushed the boundaries...like Love's Baby Soft.

Sensuality sans the subtlety... 

70's perfume sexy ads
Naked Joy Perfume
Look Familiar? Well, a woman swinging on swing naked and
that connects us to the floral  bouquet of perfume. 

70's ads...sex without excuse
Extroverted Fat 70's ad
I don't understand how the shirts have to do with age or weight but they get your attention.

70's ads..sex without excuse
Sugar 1970's sexy ad
Nothing says the power of sugar like a woman licking an ice cream cone!

Towel 1970's Sexy Ads
Wow, the right towel can evoke temptation. 
Maybelline Kissing Slicks 1970's ads
The right lip gloss will change her innocence to Vamp

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1970's ad
70's ads..sex without excuse 


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