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Are you a super hero fanatic? 

If you ask most men or women who their favorite super heroes are in the comic book arena they would most likely list a ton of male super heroes. 

I bet you can't think of more of more than three popular female super heroes... Wonder Woman or Cat Woman or Elektra? Out of the three Wonder Woman was the most sane, Black Widow is dodgy and they portray cat woman as a bipolar narcissist -which is not nice. If you search on you will discover over 60 female super heroes like Batgirl (many versions) Supergirl, Jean Grey, Storm, or Power Girl, Hawk Girl, Black Widow or Ms. Marvel.

There are at least seven super hero films slated for 2014, according to

Do you see any femme super heroes leading these movie? No, maybe a supporting a cast of femmes dressed in tight outfits regardless of the weather. I am not ranting so relax.... 

I think it's important to know your super femmes because they are our super female heroes....they exhibit strength, courage and fearlessness. We have so many female icons to inspire us in reality but it's nice to know that there is slew of comic femme heroes to choose from...

So read up on Super Femmes or Super Sheroes  and if you looking for a good costume to wear for a party Halloween or other...why not dress up as a Female Super Hero.


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