Cher...70's Fashion Sextravagance

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Cher 1970's Bob Mackie Headdress circa 1973

by Vickie Retro

We love Cher, for so many reasons: her talent for acting, singing, performing and for being a unique diva with an exotic fashion flair. Bob Mackie was inspired to design her sequin costumes of sextravagance for everyone to gawk and talk about in the 1970's to present day. Cher was and is daring before Lada Gaga and Madonna. 

Yes, I made up sextravigance and your a free to use it.

It’s not like dressing a regular person — it’s like dressing a crazy goddess, sometimes she’s an Egyptian goddess and sometimes she’s a biker chic goddess.”  Bob Mackie Quote about Cher

MyLunakiss Top 10 70's Sextravagance Fashion Looks! (not all - Bob Mackie)

Cher 1970's Gown

Cher 1970's Fashion
Cher 1970's Fashion

Cher 1970's Shirt and Jeans

Cher 1970's Gown

Cher 1970's Bob Mackie Gown

Cher 1970's Bob Mackie Gown

Cher 1970's Gown for Oscars - Bob Mackie

Cher 1970's - Bob Mackie Award Show

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