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1950's Babydoll Jane Russell
Jane Russell
Vintage Babydoll
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by Barbie Kiss

The babydoll is a short dress version of a nightgown aka negligee. The babydoll is designed at times with a sheer jacket similar to a negligee or a peignoir.

Baby dolls are designed with cups or bralettes to enhance cleavage. The baby doll is top is attached to a loose-fitting skirt between the upper thigh and the belly button. The baby doll dress is usually adorned with trimmed.such as: ruffles, lace, marabou fur, bows or ribbons.. The baby doll was originally made of sheer fabric with puffy sleeves but now it'is designed in many styles and available in silk, chiffon, satin, stretch lace and much more.

Most baby dolls have spaghetti straps but some have short sleeves depending on the style. The term baby doll covers a large range of style. The fabric used for baby dolls include nylon, silk , lace, chiffon, sheer fabric or polyester.

Baby doll lingerie became popular in the 1950's when Caroll Baker appeared wearing a baby doll  in the 1956 film Baby Doll (which has a double meaning because of the Lolita nature of the film). The baby doll look has never gone out of style.  I

Caroll Baker wearing Baby Doll
Caroll Baker

The baby doll dress that she is wearing in the 1969 Vogue Italia issue is made of silk, lace and chiffon. It's a juxtaposition of sex appeal and innocence at simultaneously.

There are several baby dolls from 1950's that are inspired by MyLunaKiss Baby Doll  Lingerie Collection:

Shortie Baby doll 1950
Shortie Baby Doll 1950

Shortie Babydoll
Baby Blue Babydoll Plus Size
Babydoll 1960's
Rogers AD Baby doll 

Vinyl and Mesh Baby Doll Set

Plus Size Vinyl Mesh Baby Doll Set

Sheer Animal Print Baby Doll Plus
Sheer Lime Animal Print Baby Doll


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