A Prelude to a T Shirt!

by Vickie Retro

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MyLunaKiss Lady Tees

Are T-Shirts a prelude to what's underneath?

A great t-shirt is like a soft touch or your favorite pair of jeans. The t shirt becomes your favorite thing to wear in your wardrobe. You wear it with pride and and you smile whenever complimented on your cool tee or how well you are wearing it.

A reliable t shirt becomes your second skin, it's like a good friend who is always there to hear your rants. Then you start to wear the t shirt like a second uniform on the weekends or after work when your brooding at your local bar.

You wear your favorite tee when you meet that person that makes you sparkle. Over time your favorite tee becomes  ragged or too worn out to wear so you fold it and place it in the back of your drawer with the lavender scented pouches.

Every now and then ...you still  wear your favorite t shirt... to feel comfortable...getting over a cold or a lost love... or sharing the Sunday morning newspaper with your new love.

So is a T-shirt a prelude to what's underneath? 

YES! ..MyLunaKiss LadyTees for your favorite, reliable t-shirt!

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