Braless or Bralust?

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by Vickie Retro

Photo: Unhook your bra for ever....

Is the choice to go braless the best for you? Or must you have a bra on 24 hours a day? Some people go to bed a night with bras but is that wise?  Are you considering plastic surgery for your breasts down under? Who cares about sagging you are happy with the way you are!

Braless in France?

In France, Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sports medicine specialist published a study that shows that wearing bras may not prevent women's breasts from sagging, and may in fact increase it? How so you may ask? 

According to Rouillon's study women who did not wear bras for a year had firmer breasts, stretch marks faded and no evidence that not wearing a bra increased back pain. 

The researchers believed wearing a bra prohibits breast tissue growth which results in deterioration of muscles that support the breasts. Although Rouillon advises that  if you are over 35 years of age you should wear a bra...oh well then his study only applies to anyone in their 20's or less.

Perfect fit for bra
Get measured for the right bra

Gravity or Bust?
According to Dr. Oz (this is when gravity takes over)  Did you know 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Dr. Oz advises that you are not doing harm by wearing it a night as long at is fit for you and it's comfortable but he offers a better solution. 

The founder of Intimacy Boutiques, Susan Nethero recommends (according to Oprah's site) a bra with a soft cup and no underwire or metal clasps, and a shelf or cross-over construction. Get properly fitted for your bra, improper cup depth can cause breast tissue to lay against the chest and trap sweat, resulting in rashes or chafing. 

If you wear a bra 24 hours a day your breasts will not sag. Not true, according to the President of The American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Phil Haeck

"What keeps your breast in place are microscopic ligaments--think of them as tiny suspenders for your breasts." As you age, these ligaments thin and stretch out and unfortunately, he says, there isn't a scientific cure to keep these suspensory ligaments as strong when you are 50 as they were when you were 15.
1970's maidenform ad
Maidenform 1970's ad

My personal opinion....breasts stretch even more after you have kids and if you breast feed. I think the best route is to continue to do what works best for you. 



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