The Black Chalice

by Barbie Kiss

Sophia Loren
Diamond Necklace

Part I

The jewel encrusted necklace sparkled around her delicate neck as the lights shimmered against her skin. She heaved a sigh of relief as she held the note in her hand. 

He was on his way and he promised to be their in half a fortnight.

I will be there see your face my love. The time between us is minutes compared to the lifetime of bliss we will spend together.

She held that note to her chest. She closed her eyes and she could see their life together in everlasting bliss as two souls embrace united in infinite love. She saw their future in sweet tender moments, outpouring of joy and bitter tears. The sad moments did not matter nor did they outweigh the happiness she witnessed. 

She smiled to herself as she held the note knowing that her love was to begin....

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