It's a Cool Summer...Tee Shirts Rule!

by Vickie Retro

MyLunaKiss Lady Tees

Yes, you heard it! We love tee shirts or t-shirt or t shirt....whichever....

It's a cool summer instead of cruel summer like the Bananarama song. 

MyLunakiss decided to open a t-shirt shop MyLunakiss Lady Tees (tanks, accessories and bottoms) designed by us based on all the stuff we love. We design retro tees, Sexy Women over 40! t-shirts, Pretty in Pink t shirts, 80's tee shirts, 90's t-shirts, Maternity and much more.

We are inspired by Blondie, Patti Smith, Andy Warhol, The Clash, the 70's, 80's and 90's,Disco, Bond Girls, Lips (our logo). and so much more and we want to share our passion by designing grown up Lady Tees, We also create amazing t shirts for maternity and accessories as well as women with curves.

Don't wait a minute longer, check out our site or the hottest tee shirts below.....

Glam Doll Tee 
It's burlesque, pin up, retro and vintage glam in one T-shirt

What to Wear Tank?
Ever stare at your closet and wonder what to wear or "I have nothing to wear" No worries we designed that can be paired with jeans, leggings or a skirt to solve your fashion dilemma.

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