French Maid...The Affair Continues

by Barbie Kiss

The French maid or Meido or thoughts run rampant of French maid secretly spinning lovers into a foolish stupor. 

If you have not witnessed MyLunaKiss French maid obsession or French maid affair or Cosplay or French maid history...I suggest you do.

This is a romance short about a Femme fatale disguised as a French maid that seduces her mate thinking she is the master but also she wonders if she is the fool in love. You decide. Fool or Folly?

French Maid Strapped by Her Thoughts
She contemplates how she can attract her lover
What can I do to get his attention?
French maid wonders if she can seduce him>
Are her cheekbones high enough?
Is her French maid uniform seductive?

Masks and Furs help boost her confidence as
this French maid launches her seduction trap.

The seduction plan is cemented and as she contemplates her next move
this French maid in disguise attended  by her own
French maid wonders did she  play herself?

Next morning after a night of endless passion, our French maid walks her poodle of choice
As she walks she realizes the only fool that was played
is the sucker that funds her lifestyle...oh well on to the next victim.

Stay Tuned.

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