Sexy Women over 40: Should wear bikinis?

by Barbie Kiss

Nancy Dell'Olio,
famous Italian American social legal star is defying British women standards by proclaiming "contrary to recent findings that suggested 70 per cent of Brits think women over 40 should ditch the two-piece, ladies of all ages can wear bikinis. 'It's about how they look and feel, not about an age limit, she says"

I agree with Nancy Dell'Olio and I proclaim as long as you are happy with the way you look age does not matter. For more on Nancy's rantings, click here.

I think most American women agree with Nancy but I could be wrong. Either way, judge for yourself whether or not Nancy should be wearing a bikini? I say, YES! What do you think, mylunakiss readers?

Nancy Dell'Olio
Bikini - Sexy over 50

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