Love...the drug you can't buy!

by Luna Lugo

Love is a Drug that you can't buy!

What is about love that makes people crazy, drive sane people to insanity and turn the most confident people to an ego sink. 

Why do people fall in love to fall out of love? 

Love is Fearless

What so few lucky in love and so many unlucky and some never finding true love ever....three words...insecurity and fear and timing.

Insecurity is the demonic ruler of the hopeless and confused that are driven to cheat and lie which leads to disloyalty and broken most times cannot be mended.
Fear is the black hole of love...a missed chance to show true feelings, afraid to speak up or be honest, afraid to love hard or expose your feelings or risk vulnerability which leads to break up and missed chances to reunite...lovers lost because one is too afraid to take another chance. my soul friends said to me years ago. "love is timing" and back then I was romantic fool who believed love is not bound by time but years later I realized it is so true. Timing can break up lovers and can ruin the purity of true love between soul mates that were meant to be but got to each other at the wrong is married the other is not, one waited to long and now it's too late, another professed love too early when the other was not ready to appreciate it and by the time they were ready it was too late.
Love is Pain

Insecurity, fear and timing can ruin love ...the drug that can't be bought and once attained can leave at anytime...don't let fear, insecurity ruin you and well timing is not in your hands but when you get the chance go for it don't second guess the inner voice that shouts "take a chance on love" live without fear!

Love is a Drug

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