Do you have a female crush? Straight Woman Question!

by Barbie Kiss

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Are you a straight woman with a female crush? 

It seems more women over the age of 40 are finding their inner Katy Perry (I kissed a Girl).

Don't believe me...check out.. Rowan Pelling's sex advice column inquiry:

I’ve been married for more than 20 years and adore my husband, but no longer desire him.

Over the past year, I have become attracted to a woman in my circle (we had children at the same school). We kissed and it was electrifying. I know my spouse wouldn't find an affair with a female as threatening as one with a man. 

Is it really a crime to snatch one last burst of passion before I turn 50?

Pelling's advice was against exploring her inner fantasy and work on saving her dull marriage instead. For more fantasy crushing, click here. 

Katy Perry
"I kissed a Girl"

On a serious note, do more straight married or single women fantasize about other women?

According to, (okay this is not totally official) and some other random dating sites, the reason more straight women fantasize about other women is because:

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  1. Boredom
  2. Women are easier on the eyes - they have curves
  3. Stuck in sex rut with your male partner
  4. Threesomes could be cool but may end up causing more drama
  5. Fantasies are not real (my favorite) hence the word fantasy
  6. It's acceptable for women to be bi-curious
  7. It's a great conversation starter at any party...definite way to get more male attention.
If you really want to know if you are bi-curious or wondering if you are perfect for bi-curious here to to take the bi-curious quiz

Don't be mad if you don't like the quiz because we did not create it:)

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