An Affair ...A Wife's Denial!

by Barbie Kiss

an affair to forget

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This article is for all those wives that delude themselves into thinking that they won their husbands back (when deep down they know the truth) 

Even if your husband returned to you really think that his mind returned to you as well? (this is for anyone that did not try to work on the marriage after the affair and has used threatening methods to get their husband back with them and has chosen to ignore the obvious)

lust couple

Brief story of love delusional... (the names have been changed in this story but it is based on a many real stories)

Mary is married to John and at first they were in love and life was good. They bought a house and then raised kids several years later and everything seemed so sunny and romantic. They would spend days before the children were born dreaming of how they would be together forever. 

Lust Couple
JLO and Casper Music Video

Okay, that was the fairy tale version of Mary and John. This is the reality, Mary and John lust at first sight that eventually turns into love, their relationship matures from lust to comfortably lovely. Passion filled nights turns into sharing chips on the sofa while watching a great movie. They move in together and buy a house and then without much thought as to why the flames were not as hot or why their conversations were turning cold like scrambled eggs they decide to forge ahead and have kids. 

Several years later, their TV nights turn into Disney movies with the kids while they all share chips. The passion between Mary and John is slowly fading...maybe on occasion when John attempts to set the mood to ignite a fire but it is usually reduced to cinders by Mary's cold reactions because she is insecure about how lumpy she has become since the kids and all of the chips and she does not have time to diet or exercise and not free moments for herself. 
An Affair to Remember

Then one day, John has an affair...not suddenly it develops over time into a friendship which then turns into attraction then evolves into a passionate kiss followed by clandestine nights of love and ecstasy that John never experienced with Mary. 

John starts to get sloppy and is not so cautious (maybe because he want to be caught) and his obsession with his new love consumes him and before too long Mary discovers a receipt and goes into shock and then ignores it.

Passion Affair

Mary decides to ignore the receipt but over time her paranoia and fear visit her thoughts and then while going through John's mobile she finds texts and a phone number that has been called a zillion times. 

Mary becomes numb with fear, anger and hurt in disbelief Mary confronts John. The first night of Mary's inquisition he denies it (ALERT most men will not admit it the first time so stop fooling yourself and they may never admit it). 

Would he cheat again?

Mary is confused, hurt and sick and does not know what to do and questions her own thoughts. Over time Mary becomes obsessed with whatever John is doing and finding out the truth....

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Foolish Wives ...Stop the Denial...

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