Naked Lunch ....A Feast on Insanity!

by Vickie Retro

Peter Weller
Naked Lunch

Ah, Naked Lunch....if you haven't seen it, I suggest you do but you need to be in a Bjork state of mind or maybe Lady Gaga??. 

My previous article Are You Alice is buried in double meaning but Naked Lunch is a dive in an ocean of surreal reality based on addiction junkie William Lee played by Peter Weller who decides to substitute his addiction for drugs with roach powder since his main source of income is as an exterminator sound like My Strange Addiction on TLC but not so severe. 

Naked Lunch
Surreal Painting

The movie Naked Lunch is not an adaptation of the book of the same name by William S. Burroughs. Burroughs wrote Naked Lunch in the 1960's and the book is considered to be " the most significant and influential avant-garde works of the period" according to Columbia University Library. The film version directed by David Cronenberg aka King of Venereal Horror or the Baron of Blood is deemed as avante garde by many film critics. Cronenberg directed it as story of a man who accidentally kills his wife (which really happened to Burroughs with his real wife) under the hazy  influence of the roach powder.

The Naked Lunch Book
by William Burroughs

Naked Lunch seems to be a twisted tale of a married couple on the edge of addiction and there are random oddities like a transvestite drug dealer or the roach-centipede, mugwumps or the debate between William Lee and a roach typewriter that whispers conspiracy theory.

I have watched Naked Lunch more than 5 times and I am still baffled at certain points and the line between reality and fantasy is unclear. If you are able to watch the entire film you may walk away feeling like you are on something....judge for yourself in the clip below...

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