Mob Wives...So's Orgasmic!

by Barbie Kiss

Lock Down Love - Vh1 Mob Wives

Can I say Shut the Front Door for Lock Down Love? 

VH1 Mob Wives Season 2 makes Vh1 Basketball Wives Season 4 (how did this show get past season 3????) look like a high school whiner brat fest of spoiled women that need drama so they can continue to collect their 15 minutes of fame...bring back Love and Hip Hop!
Cry Baby (I am not making this up they name it that...)

Yes, I said it! It's time I said something about Basketball Girls or Basketball Ex-Girls...are any of them married to an athlete? 

If I offended anyone, I am not sorry... sometimes honest opinions are best. If you don't believe me, click here for cry baby clip and judge for yourself.

Anyway...back to my favorite show... finally someone scored a love goal on Vh1 Mob Wives and we shared in the experience. Hooray for Karen Gravano and the father of her child!

Gravano was glowing and finally spending less time speaking ill of Drita (well maybe for half the show) ..but there is so much more....Renee Graziano discussing what really happened on the Power 105.1 (click here to listen) and then Big Ang being totally amazing. 

The drama, the tears, and an operatic roller-coaster of emotions and real life issues is what made me fall in love with Vh1 Mob Wives in the first place...strong women who work hard to keep things together for their kids and look fabulous doing it! These Mob Wives continue to deal with their men serving time and the pain and obstacles they face on a daily basis.

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