Helmut Newton...The Art of Sex!

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by Vickie Retro

Claudia Schiffer
Helmut Newton 

Kylie Bax - Fence Dual
Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton, famous fashion photographer known for his controversial Nordfleisch photos of female nudes and controversial images which have inspired many famous stars of today, like Lady Gaga.

Helmut Newton
Helmut Newton quote: "I like cool girls" and Newton did not care about the critics and as I write this article on Helmut...my main purpose is to share talented artists of the 80's.  

Last year, mylunakiss created Ode to Helmut on MyLunaKiss Youtube Channel... if you missed it....

Helmut Newton photographed women not for the purpose of mockery or to show dominance, he wanted to portray women as a "stronger sex" of course many feminists may disagree...these women participated in the process of revealing themselves on camera so you decide...

Two Pairs of Legs in Black Hose, Paris 1979
Helmut Newton

Kylie Bax
Helmut Newton

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