Do you hear me? Do you care?

by Vickie Retro

What are words for? Does anyone listen anymore? 

Dale Bozzio - Missing Persons
Metallic Plastic Top and Mini

Does anyone recognize this song? 

The song is by Missing Persons, one of the best kept secrets of the 80's not only for their unique sound and abstract songs but for their front woman - Dale Bozzio ..coined now as the original Lady Gaga 

 I don't like future reference from past icons. 

Bozzio is an original like Debbie Harry from Blondie. I could rattle off how amazing Bozzio is but I will let my favorite Bozzio fashion moments take precedence and if you want to find out more about Missing Persons and Dale Bozzio, click here.

Quick facts about lead singer Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons.
  • Moved to LA to pursue an acting career
  • Bozzio was Playboy Bunny of the Year in 1976
  • Bozzio was involved in artistic collaborations with Helmut Newton and Peter Max
  • Dale Bozzio designed and created her own clothes on stage.
  • Sentenced to jail in 2009 for animal cruelty although her attorney claims it was a misunderstanding.

dale bozzio
Dale Bozzio  Missing Persons
Wet Vinyl Outfit with Pink Hair

Dale Bozzio - Missing Persons
Strappy Teddy

Dale Bozzio - Missing Person
Ceramic Style Corset

Dale Bozzio - Missing Persons
Mini White Dress 

missing persons
Dale Bozzio
Innocence and Sensuality Military Style Top 

Dale Bozzio - Missing Persons
Metallic Silver Pants with Metallic Top

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