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by Barbie Kiss

Male Fantasy

Ever wonder if the romance has fizzled in your love relationship?

Many women suffer from what I like to call "the JLo honeymoon love syndrome"...constantly searching for the love sizzle relationships. 

I must confess... I want a honeymoon relationship too! 

What is a honeymoon relationship?

Jennifer Lopez and Casper

It's the first 6 months of any love fest between two people that meet and fall in lust with each other... every moment feels like heaven and every kiss is picture perfect and every caress is chills and butterflies.

Fast forward to one year later and the kisses are less frequent, the touch is cold and the moments are mix of bliss, blah and bull****. How do you go back to spice love fest of the past? 

Well, it's not easy, we all carry emotional baggage and eventually we unload most of it on the our new partner. The other reason why love fizzles is for the same reason you fell in love. The things that you thought were cute about that magic man or femme cutie are now damn annoying MyLunaKiss created a 10 tips to guide you back on the honeymoon of love because we care.

Kylie Blake - The Seductive Black Dress
Helmut Lang

10 Ways to Renew Your Honeymoon Love Fest

Females pay attention: 

Warning don't think when you read our tips just let go...and believe in Love Sex and Magic.

the Seduction Cookbook
Diane Brown
  1. You need to boost your spirit, body and mind.
  2. Do a mind cleanse. Say goodbye to the past...go to a mirror and recite the following:" I release all the negative experiences with the loser men from the past and that this new guy is worth it. I am moving to the future and I no longer need to carry negative energy."  (If this new guy reminds you of the men from the for the hills)
  3. Spirits that are positive will glow. Try yoga, meditate or go for a walk or whatever activity you need to do to get your glow back. Did you know studies show that when you first fall in love your aging process slows. 
  4. Grab a Zumba video and let loose or go to the gym and workout to your favorite dance club mix. If you need inspiration, listen to this song.
  5. Okay you are ready..plan a romantic night (candle light dinner, love notes, blindfolds, roses, dessert..the works) which starts with you and how you look, do you hair, nails, pedicure, perfume, smokin lingerie and sexy dress and don't forget those hot heels.    
Physical Attraction
Model over Glass Table

Men pay attention:
Pitbull Polished
  1. You need to boost your spirit, body and mind.
  2. Do a man mind cleanse. Stand in front of the mirror and say the following " I am letting go of anything negative that has happened in my relationship over the last six months. I am saying goodbye to all the girls that took me for granted or played games with my head. If she is "the one" - "I am lucky to have such a wonderful and insanely sexy girl"
  3. A man's craving for a physical connection is not easily broken but stress, fatigue doubt and insecurity can ruin your sex drive. Set aside one day to sleep and watch at least one action film (I am not joking), go for a run and hit the gym, work out with your friends and take one boxing or fencing class. I dare you. It will make a difference in you physically and mentally.
  4. Go shopping for a new shirt or pair of jeans or slacks, you impressed her on the first date and I am sure she has seen your entire wardrobe by now...even your ratty underwear. Clothes make the man...if you need visuals see below.
  5. Romance the hell out of her...give her an orgasm that she will never forget. If you need tips, click here for how to seduce a woman.
Jennifer Lopez - V Magazine
Clothes make the Man...take a hint from this dapper don display:

Michael Fassbender - GQ
Sporty Cool

Michael Fassbender GQ
Seduction Suit 

Ryan Gosling GQ
Office Foreplay

The honeymoon relationship never dies it fades from time to time but you can always bring it back.

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