70's ads...sex without excuse!

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by Barbie Kiss
1970's ad
Ditto Jeans AD

The print ads from the 70's would make Hustler of 2k look conservative although it seems that sexy risque ads are in vogue again.  Hence, those outrageously sexy 70's print advertisements lingering in our minds.

If you don't want to uncover the overt sex charged ads of the 70's, I suggest reading another blog like The Pioneer Woman to set you back on track to your buttoned up flannel nightgown life.. :)
1970's Ad
Farrah Fawcett
Shampoo 1970's AD

Brooke Shields 80's
Brooke Shields - Calvin Klein Jeans

1970's ad
Jesus Jeans
1970's Print AD
1970's ad
Shine Lip gloss
1970's AD
1970's ad
Love's Baby Soft
Play on words and on package design.

1970's ads
Belvedere Vodka
1970's AD

Does it look like she is trying to sell alcohol? hmmm

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