Men on Sex: The Naked Truth!

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by Barbie Kiss

    Men Think about Sex 19 Times a Day
    I know it sounds and important is sex to a man? 

On a scale from 1 to 10, sex is an 11 to most men but the myth that men think about sex every 7 seconds is not true instead most men think about sex 19 times a day, according to a 2011 Ohio State University study on sex.

Women and Men Think Different 
I think the reason why articles like What Men really want in Bed! or 10 Ways to Seduce a Man work is because most women think men are more mysterious in reality like in a James Bond film...not really... I hate to blow your fantasy bubble but I must quote Gene Simmon's, book Ladies of the Night "Men are simple they work, eat, sleep and have sex" in the book it also says that men can't help themselves and sex is something they will always crave, desire and want and not with only one person." 

Men Think about Sex

Here is another quote from Gene Simmon's book: Women have sex for meaning. Men have sex for feeling.... so true! Most women want to feel a connection during and after sex and it is because we are programmed that way...remember most women are the carriers of life and sex is the connection to procreation for a woman during a time of her life. 

Men are part of the creation of a baby but they don't carry babies unless you are that woman that became a man that gave birth. 

What Men Think About 
Men over the age 40 - may think about sex less for many reasons: 

  • age 
  • stress
  • life issues
  • clinical depression
  • fatigue due to lack of sleep or work. 
Some men experience impotence or their testosterone levels (not always true at 40 some men experience lower testosterone levels at 30)...hence Viagra (sildenafil citrate) 

Note: Viagra is prescribed by a doctor for men who have erectile dysfunction (ED). Do not use Viagra without consulting a doctor unless you want to experience a very embarrassing moment in the emergency room or be prone to heart problems.

Male Brain on Sex - Parody

I am sure your wondering ...what do men really think about when sex is the subject? 

You should ask yourself what things has your mate mentioned sexually that he would like to try with you.  I am sure there is at least one sexual suggestion that enters your mind so chances are there are a lot more where that came from... now you have your answer...anything you can imagine.  

Thoughts of Sex for Women and Men

Men are uninhibited in their thoughts about sex (ranging from a brief attraction to a beautiful woman to full sexual fantasy about their lover) and as relationship with a man matures - sex that has become routine or a special treat for good husband behavior is like giving a dog a dry bone. 

It's very simple men think about sex more often than women. 

Anytime you want to know what the man in your life is thinking - it is most likely one of these things: sex, food, sleep, work or nothing at all. 

Keep things simple with men.... less nagging, give him his space, and sex more than once a week...he will be happier and so will you. 

If you have problem with anything I said in this article...don't read it.

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