Strippers on Film - Celebs Swinging the Pole!

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by Barbie Kiss
Cynthia Rhodes - Manhunt - Flashdance

Is it the mystery of a stripper or it is the strip tease? Why are we fascinated by this provocative expression on stage or swinging around a pole? 

Exotic temptresses or private dancers date back to the 12th century - pleasing their men or an audience worldwide -  from Burlesque in the 18th century to the female revolution in the 70's to the popularity of strip clubs in the 80's to present day to male stripper films like Magic Mike with Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum
Strip Tease Lingerie

We think the fascination with strippers will continue for centuries to come, so check out MyLunaKiss Top 10 Strippers portrayed by female actresses over the last 25 years....enjoy!
Jessica Alba aka Nancy Callahan
Sin City

Top 10 Actress Strippers on Film:

  1. Cynthia Rhodes - Flashdance "Man Hunt" - she was also in Dirty Dancing and Staying Alive and in the ToTo music video Roseanna. Rhodes is married to singer/songwriter Richard Marx.
  2.  Marine Jahan - Flashdance "He's a Dream" did many of the dance moves for Jennifer Beals as her body double in the film. Jahan also appears in Streets of Fire.
  3. Selma Hayek - From Dusk till Dawn - Hayek plays a Vampire Queen aka Sant├ínico Pandemonium who dances a tease performance too erotic for's hypnotising.
  4. Marisa Tomei - The Wrestler - Tomei portrays a stripper that has seen better days and the relationship she has with a wrestler hungry for a comeback. (you can find the link on youtube I won't link it because it is for Mature Audiences)
  5. Jessica Alba - Sin City -  Alba portrayed Nancy Callahan a stripper with a vengence. Alba trained for 
  6. Elizabeth Berkley - Showgirls - Berkley has been mocked by tabloids and comedic junkies for her role in Showgirls. I can't imagine how many rotten apples this movie scored but Berkley was trying to shed her good girl image from Saved by the Bell. I guess it worked!
  7. Demi Moore - Striptease - Moore was paid 12.5 million for her role in this film. Maybe you can figure out why? 
  8. Darryl Hannah - Dancing at the Blue Iguana - did not know about this film till I researched all strip films. Amazing technique but we prefer Hannah in Kill Bill Series and fighting for diesel fuel via vegetable oil.
  9. Natalie Portman - Closer - the film Portman stole from Roberts by sheer talent. This actress is gifted and not a bad dancer either. Portman received an Oscar nomination for her role an exotic dancer.
Flashdance - He's a Dream
Most Popular Strip Scene on Film

In the meantime, check out for your teaser inspiration!

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