Sexy Panties...Booty Lifesaver!

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Lace Black Cheeky Panty
by Barbie Kiss

The rear view of my derriere can be a sense of pride on certain days when I am feeling bootylicious and a big obstacle on other days when I wear underwear that does not fit right. It looked great on the woman in the unfair..but wait her hips are half the size of mine! Aggh!

This post is for all women that can't find the right booty shorts....maybe I don't want to show alot of butt cleavage and I don't want cover me rear assets so much that I feel like I'm part of a swimming team.

I discovered a pair of booty shorts or boy short or panty shorts that are perfect for any woman that has junk in her trunk.

Malaika Arora Khan - Bollywood Actress
No she is not Kim Kardashian
See how pretty... how lacey... how...romantic and no riding up the caboose refreshing...ahh time for a wine spritzer.

Plus Size Pink Lace Boy Shorts

Stretch Black Lace Booty Shorts
$12 get 2nd one for 50%ff
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