Nova or Naughty....70's Zine

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by Barbie Kiss

Deborah Turbeville
Nova magazine was a popular UK avante garde fashion magazine based on the swinging 60's to mid 70's London area. It is retro but many artists of today probably sought inspiration from the modern dance Americana matched with UK theme of this era. 

Nova Magazine
Deborah Turbeville was a contributing fashion photographer and well known master of the sex meets fashion meets don't care attitude meets romance gone awry... very Lana Del Rey (who was probably inspired by this style). 

For your viewing pleasure - MyLunaKiss Deborah Turbeville best shots:
Deborah Turbeville
Vogue 1977 - Nude Models and Gold
Deborah Turbeville - Vogue 1977

Deborah Turbeville

Helmut Newton was the principal photographer for Nova. For more raw Newton, check out MyLunakiss Ode to Helmut Newton below:

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