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by Barbie Kiss

Hazel Honeysuckle - Burlesque Dancer
Steven Gomes Photographer
Lingerie - Clare Bare by Clare Herron

Yes, believe it or not we do sell lingerie and we plan to expand our range of lingerie styles.

Our obsession with anything sexy is a direct connection to our love of lingerie...we don't need to speak about it constantly since there is a plethora of lingerie blog sites so why not share the love instead waxing romantic prose about lace and baby dolls (we promise to speak more about lingerie in the future but from a totally different perspective...stay tuned) till then enjoy perusing

MyLunakiss Top 5 Lingerie Blogs:

The Lingerie Journal - covers the gammit on the lingerie world and editor-in-chief,Luis Paredes is truly dedicated to expanding and connecting independent and talented lingerie designers with the retail world (Luna Lugo wrote several articles on the site and plans to write more...stay tuned)

Frou Frou Fashionista - because they do a dam good job of featuring the best lingerie money can buy and they post the best pictures of lingerie ...I can smell the lace.
Curvy Kate - for all the D - K cup women looking for a good's  hard to find a good bra..even in my size of 34B.... of course, the concept of this blog is similar to any retail blog but  with a twist - they support everyone that sells their friendly. The brand is based out of the UK but we are investigating carrying their line so stay tuned:)

Plus Model Magazine - I know it does not sound like a lingerie blog...I confess it is not but they have a great mix of articles and represent the plus size women in the most respectful way...Kudos. For articles on lingerie: click here.

FrankuFotos Lingerie Blog - less of a blog and more like a lingerie pictorial. Love the big it.

Bonus Celebrity Blog:

BettyConfidential - is a blog but totally on Celebrity, Beauty and Style tips and much more. It is like a magazine and blog for celebrities fodder.

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