Love don't live here anymore..not sexy..BOO!

by Barbie Kiss

Love Angel
 Love Don't Live Here a song that has been covered by many...most recently by the singer Seal which is a bit ironic since he and Heidi Klum split. I won't go there because this is not a gossip blog.

I chose the title because so many couples suffer from the love does not live here disease.

For many married couples love has left the party (usually after 1 year of marraige) and their relationship is in the "neutral phase"...two people existing as roommates raising their kids or working or existing in the same space like drones or the borg (Star Trek reference).

 I think it's sad whenever passionate desire dries up in any relationship and 90% of the time it is because the love draught occurs was initiated by one partner who decides to suppress his or her love and then the other partner follows the "love died" trend in defense.

In lieu, of Valentines Day, mylunakiss wants to share with mylunakiss readers and anyone that visits our blog that love can live within you.

Who may rekindle your desire for your partner before V-Day and hopefully use the bedroom for sexy escapades instead of sleep post Valentines Day.

Love Neon Sign
  You can't give love or receive love if you are not vulnerable to love. Try to be vulnerable for a day or  two. Knock down your emotional fortress and the past (small stuff like pet peeves). Life is too short to be a stick in the mud. Remove your doubts about love.

 Do you feel like your partner is not in-love with you based on his or her actions or is it based on your delusion or paranoia? Any relationship requires care the same way you care for a plant, animal or a baby because insecurity and fear starts to spread like a bad virus after the 1st year

Broken Heart
 Let it go (nagging and anything that won’t matter 5 years from now) for a moment and think back to your wedding day and how you felt about your partner.

 Be open to showing love without expecting it in return. Try giving them a hug or kiss without an attack and expect nothing in return. You will be rewarded after the second attempt. Trust me.

 Your love effort has to be genuine not manipulated or forced because it won't work. Love comes in all shapes and forms, for some men it could be expressed in sexual desire and passion not romantic episodes from a Harlequin romance or the movie, The Notebook.

 Recognize and appreciate all forms and expressions of love based on your partner's personality not your fantasy. You were attracted to this person for some reason - remember why?

Stay tuned for more MyLunaKiss Love Don't Live Here Anymore the meantime - go give your partner a big wet kiss for me.:)

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