Confessions of a Mail Order Bride

by Barbie Kiss

Mail-Order Brides
I am fascinated by many things - sexual taboos, fetish acts, French maid fantasy but romance and passion is most delightful and intriguing to me.

I was in a trance a couple weeks ago when I watched E-mail Bride Delivered on the National Geographic channel.

According to the article Top 10 Facts about Mail Order Brides on – this concept is quite old dating back to the 18th century. The 10 facts about mail-order brides also dispel many myths such as, Russian brides are desperate for American men but that is not the case there is a shortage of Russian men.

Foriegn Brides by Elena Lappin
I never use one article as my source so I checked several credible sources like the Atlantic - and in the article they compared Russian male death rate -  14 Russians for every 1000 die per year (compared with 8 per 1,000 in the U.S.), making Russia's death rate one of the world's worst.

Truth about Mail Order Brides
International Love Scout
Arranged marriages are still popular in certain cultures but to be bequeathed to someone you hardly know from another country and then commit via matrimony and spend the rest of your life with them is a bit daunting. 

Mail-order brides are mostly from Asia, Mexico and Russia. These brides are not free and if you are curious about the cost of a MOB (this is not trafficking which is illegal in all states) a Foreign Bride Agency that is reputable explains the agreement between the client and the prospective bride which is heavily monitored) 

Mail-Order Bride
There are a lot of scams so please do your research… seems to offer the most advice and guidance in this mail order bride arena…okay no more PSA and back to MOB. Anyone that ventures into marriage has to apply for a visa and then marry their future spouse within 90 days of entering the USA.

I think of two things whenever I read or watch anything on arranged marriages: kissing (what if it sucks??) and sexual intimacy (what if it sucks??). The most important concern is what if this man is crazy or dangerous? Marry at your own risk!

confessions of a mail order bride
Jokes at Mail Order Bride Expense

I'm sure that these mail-order brides are not giving any thought to my list of physical attraction - instead they might be thinking of a better life in America and to find their future husband.

Perhaps these Foreign Brides hope that their dreams are realized instead of some stark dangerous reality which leads me back to National Geographics' E-Mail Order Bride documentary…based on two couples in search of true love - oceans apart.

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