Who want's to go to War? Mob Wives

Vh1 Mob Wives Cast

by Barbie Kiss

That's right "Let's Go to War?" I know that Season II of Vh1 Mob Wives has to be better than the first or there is no third but… gimme a freakin break.

There are real wars in other countries and people die and fight daily for a real reason. Obviously, this is not the same thing of course…but what I loved most about Mob Wives is that it showed four strong women dealing with life issues, divorce, infidelity and mayhem but constant school yard fighting is starting to get...dare I say boring or simply annoying.

Are these women angry for other reasons and projecting to the only people that are around to listen...maybe?

I can't imagine what it's like to live their lifestyle but the continuous cursing catfights, sucker punching and nail scratching is overkill...what are you really fighting over? Does anyone really know at this point?

A good TV show is a tasty balance of drama, love, laughter, empathy and drama...I hardly see much of anything else but continuous drama.

Archenemies in gossip…how about talk it out and move on to another topic? I still love Vh1 Mob Wives so I hope the drama ends.

My two cents…at least there is Big Ang!

Big Ang aka Angela Raiola
Bar Owner of Drunken Monkey in Staten Island, NY

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