Unleash your Inner Sexy Beast!

by Barbie Kiss
Frankie Rayder
Vogue UK
Did you ever want to be a Sexy Vamp?

It seems that everyone in the celeb world has a different persona on stage, in life and in the bedroom. You don't have to be a plain Jane ...you can let loose your wild Jane or better yet your inner Bettie Page....inspiration needed... click here.

Don't be shy....this is a New Year.... a New You...right.

Angelina Jolie
Vogue Italia - Belle Vere
Steven Miesel
What do you have to lose?..your pride and maybe look a bit silly at the worst which will be funny in the end or you could be sexy, sultry or smokin hot.

A couple tips to help you unleash your Inner Sexy Beast... 
  • Follow your instinct if you think that wearing a leopard sheer body stocking with black stilettos will help you conjure up the sexy beast in you - go for it.
  • Don't worry about mastering a perfect femme fatale...this is meant to be fun and femme fatales are messy in an organized way.
  • Don't tell anyone what you plan to do with your lover because everyone will have an opinion.
Enjoy, relax and drink a glass of champagne and good luck.

We would love to hear about your sexy beast adventure, so please email us at barbiekiss@ymail.com and we will send you a sexy gift for your story. You deserve it!

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