Sleeping Beauty did not have Raccoon Eyes!

by Luna Lugo
Vogue Russia
Nothing is sexy about dark circles under the eyes or a delirious dazed look due to lack of sleep. There are tons of eye brighteners on the market for exorbitant prices and all promise that "I slept for 8 hours" look.  It may work for some but if you suffer from chronic allergies or if you have skin allergies it won't work as well and it's a temporary fix.
Kirsten Dunst "The Dauphine"
Sleep is the oldest remedy for a beautiful refreshed face so try to get a least 7 hours and if you having problems falling alseep read MyLunakiss Sleeping Beauty Tips:
Sleeping Beauty
  • Sweating is a great way to relax your body but you should exercise two hours before you go to sleep.
  • If you work out and try go to bed immediately you are not allowing your body to cool down and it will take longer to go to sleep.
  • Intimate physical activity is a sweaty romantic activity and you don't have to worry about waiting for two hours to go to sleep...wink wink.
  • A steamy bath with lavender and candles is not only relaxing it is also romantic and even better with your partner.
  • A comfortable bed is so important for a good night of slumber.  Don't be cheap, invest in fine sheets and a good pillow which also helps your head and spine alignment.
  • Soothing music mix will lull you to sleep..avoid high pitched or heavy bass sounds.
  • A massage is perfect anytime of day but even better after you take a bath and relaxes your muscles.
  • Avoid: bright lights, Blackberry or Iphone or Android use hot chocolate or anything with caffeine.

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