Xmas Romance....We are engaged!

by Barbie Kiss
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Thousands of couples get engaged on Christmas morning, during Xmas gift exchange, by the holiday tree or fireplace or at Christmas dinner in front of family and loved ones every year.

Engagement Ring in Christmas Tree
There are a ton of sites and web pages on how to propose on Christmas, what to do, what to wear so we won't clog up cyberspace with another one of "How to Propose on Xmas" articles...just google it.

We are more interested in seeing the proposal so we picked our Top 5 Video Holiday Engagement Proposals for you but before we begin, check out these interesting Wedding Engagement Facts:
 (Source: 2011 The Knot and The Wedding Report)

    A Christmas Proposal
  • The average American engagement is 16 months.
  • The average cost of an engagement ring is $5,200 (does not mean you should spend that much)
  • Carat Size: 1 carat for center stone; 1.4 carats total stones (wow that's a pinkie ring for JLo!)
  • Most Popular Engagement Ring Shapes: Round (53%) and Princess (30%)
  • Most Popular Engagement Ring Metal: 73% of rings are made of white gold
  • On average it takes 3 months for a groom to find a ring. (there is so much we could say but won't;)
  • Man-gagement Rings Are the New Trend - Brides aren’t the only ones with engagement rings these days. Grooms are now opting to wear “man-gagement” rings; 5% of grooms wear an engagement ring along with the bride. (so pony up brides)
  • June is the most popular month for weddings, then August, followed by September October and May, (if you decide on a date the same day of your engagement you may want to avoid these months to save money)
  • 11% of winter weddings are Christmas weddings (less expensive)
  • 175 guests are invited to an average wedding (wow that is a lot of clams)
  • Average size of wedding party: 12
MyLunaKiss Top 5 Video Holiday Engagement Proposals:
Note: We are not invading their privacy, they posted it on Youtube for the whole world to share in their joy:)

  1. "What's the Answer" Christmas Tree Proposal
  2. It's on Youtube Xmas Proposal
  3. "OH MY GOD" Holiday Wedding Proposal
  4. "What is that?" Jesus? Christmas Proposal
  5. "That's a Rock" Holiday Proposal
  6. Engagement Ring Cake
  7. Best Military Proposal Ever (this was not on Xmas but it does not matter). We pay homage and tribute to all of our American Soldiers. Merry XMAS!

MyLunaKiss wishes everyone a safe, healthy and happy holiday!

PS. If you were hoping or expecting a holiday engagement proposal and did not get one - don't be sad. You are spending the day with the person you love and if it is not meant to be it is for a good reason. You deserve the best and it will happen when the time is right.


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