Of Course Your still Single, take a look at yourself you Dumb &^%#!

by Barbie Kiss

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"I love a tiny fiber" says JLo seductively to Barney on How I Met Your Mother, episode 17 Season 5.

I don't have much free time to watch sitcoms but when I do... I like to share a good TV moment.

Jennifer Lopez portrays a writer of a self help book Of Course You are Still Single..take a Look at yourself you Dumb Slut! which is a mouthful to say but some of the lessons sound familiar "maybe a bit extreme" to the Millionaire Matchmaker.

No sex on the first three dates is Patty's mantra and the fictitious sitcom book rule is No sex for the first 17 dates!

If you dont' want to be a Dumb Ho for the holidays or New Years Eve then read our 10 tips from the mylunakiss team. We got inspired and created this list from relationship gurus and funny sitcom writers exaggerated views of love counselors.


10 Ways Not to be Be a Dumb Ho! (send to anyone you know that thinks anyone from a reality show that sleeps with several guys in less than three days is her Hero)

  1. Wait 4 dates before having sex unless you don't care...if you don't care then you should not bother reading this list.
  2. Say No two more times than saying Yes.... don't be a desperate Ho .... well you get it.
  3. Don't answer the phone every time it rings. Act busy even if you are sitting home alone staring at your fridge on a Saturday night...read a damn book!
  4. Don't discuss past lovers, ex's or doomed relationship drama on your first or second date
  5. Sleeping over does not mean staying till the next evening - exit the premises after the sun creeps through the window.
  6. Kissing is okay on the first date but no tongue because that is a naughty path to second base....but whatever works for you just don't complain to us if he leaves you in the middle of the night to get on a plane because you showed your hoo ha to the whole world.
  7. Holding hands is safe and fine and eye contact is the best tease.
  8. Avoid Kama Sutra until you are serious...mystery and anticipation is best aged.
  9. Sexy underwear is a definite "DO"! It's like unwrapping a gift. You are a gift and any man is luck to have you so act the part.
  10. Leave the crazytown version of yourself at home, that means no flipping tables, fighting, swearing, yelling, or burping loudly until you really know each other.


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