Fetish Fantasy Freaks....Events for You Part 2!

by Barbie Kiss

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Its seems that bondage is all the rage now (we knew) bondage fashion is more mainstream and so is the lifestyle.

MyLunakiss has written several articles on fetish and bondage scene. We surfed the net compiling more wild events for you to express your inner dominatrix.
Bondage A Go Go
Cat Club, San Francisco

  • San Francisco, CA - express your thorny side in the hilly city by attending Bondage A Go Go!
    • Bondage A Go Go is a fetish themed dance party that has been held in the City since 1993 - making it the longest running weekly dance event in San Francisco. All types attend...artists, musicians, fetishists, burners and open minded nightclub goers of all types.  For more information, click on the Cat Club.
    • New York, NY - no need to go far in the Bondage Apple to find hot fetish spots but if your considering converting your lifestyle to the fetish scene, check out the Fetish Tribe. The New York City Fetish Tribe consists of a close knit group of like-minded individuals celebrating fetish and play in a non-judgmental environment. If you are interested in the Ultimate After Party at the Venetian in Las Vegas in January 2012, click here (invite only)
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Montreal Fetish Weekend
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