What makes Amber Rose Hot?

Amber Rose - Inked Magazine
 by Barbie Kiss

Is it her striking beauty? I say striking because Amber Rose's look is not soft but that is what makes her so hot. 

Is Amber Rose oozing sensuality? Yes!

Or is it her Chacon meets JLo body and a two tablespoons of Grace Jones? If you don't know her check out: Iris Chacon: A Sex Icon ....

Amber Rose - VIBE magazine

I think it's a combination of Amber Rose's attitude, figure and beauty and her positve vibe.

In case you don't know, Amber Rose is a model, a DJ (what model isn't) and  is most famous for her relationship with Kanye West (who put her on the map) and her current relationship with Wiz Khalifia (famous rapper) don't ask me what Khalifia rhymes about because I am not into current hip hop only the good stuff from way back in the 80's and 90's. Rose is always on the cover of a magazine or in a photospread and she is a judge on a BET show.

Amber Rose - DapperLifestyle

It's amazing how talent and who you dated can really take you far!

We like Amber Rose for her bold look (i.e. shaved head) because it gives inspiration to those who wonder taking a chance on a short look and most importantly as MyLunaKiss always states being sexy is a state of mind not one generic look so if you are curvy and inclined to shave your head..go ahead experiment no matter your age.

Remember you are as young as you feel, age is just a number not a stamp on your forehead. Be proud of who you are and love your unique self.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose Quotes:
Amber Rose - Inked

Even if someone does me dirty I still never want to throw dirt on their name. It's just not me. I let go; and let God.

It's very important to have family time it keeps u grounded & humble.

I find a sense of humor & a deep mind more attractive than looks.

I can find something beautiful in everyone.


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