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Vanity - Sexy Siren
mylunakiss Sexy Women over 40

by Vickie Retro

Ah, bygone days of sexual expression without apology or forcing it down your throat without little creativity.

What happened to the novelty of wearing your underwear while performing on stage and everyone gasping? 

Appolonia Kotera - Sexy Siren
MyLunakiss Sexy Women over 40

If you think Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Rihanna created this sensation think again. Sexy Sirens like Madonna and Prince's proteges led the underwear as outerwear trend.

The Purple Prince Muses of sexdom and stardom were wearing garters, corsets and lingerie onstage - singing songs that evoked a clear understanding of their passion for Prince and his talent...which makes sense since he discovered, named, created their stage persona and of course wrote their songs.

His Purple Majesty discovered Vanity after he saw her at the American Music Awards in 1982, their relationship was brief and she left Prince before Purple Rain (the movie) was filmed. Prince (not one to waste time) casts Appolonia Kotera (that is her real name) in his semi-biopic film Purple Rain, Appolonia played the part of Prince's girlfriend in film and in real life.

Vanity and Prince Sexy Sirens of Prince

Vanity also acted in movies like Last Dragon and was the lead singer for Vanity 6.  Prince formed another trio for Appolonia's group Appolonia 6 after Vanity left (same back up singer for both). If you are desperate to know what the "6" means click on this link. 

Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl Album Cover

Appolonia 6 - Album Cover

Songs like Sex Shooter and Nasty Girl were not movies or tawdry books they were hits that sparked a sexual conscious simultaneously. I remember listening to these songs as teen immediately understood the meaning...SEX.
Appolonia and Prince Sexy Sirens of Prince

MyLunakiss is paying tribute to Sex Sirens of the 80's who are also Sexy Women over 40 for the next 6 weeks (get it) and we thought why not start off with the hottest two: Vanity aka Denise Katrina Matthews (who is now an Evangelist) and Appolonia Kotera
(CEO of Kotera Entertainment and single).

If you are wondering what happened to the two backup singers of Vanity 6 and Appolonia 6, Susan Moonsie and Brenda Bennet you will have to stay tuned for the next article.

FYI: The Sexy Siren featured in the background of the mylunakiss blog is Vanity.


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