Sexiest Man Alive is Cooper?

by Barbie Kiss

Anderson Cooper

No, not Anderson Cooper....Bradley Cooper!
Bradley Cooper

Can you believe it?
MyLunaKiss can.... Bradley Cooper has been a hot topic for us before his hook up with Jennifer Lopez or is it JLo...doesn't matter their alleged relationship is yesterday's trash.

We were panting over Bradley Cooper back when he was Will Tippin on Alias (the series with Jennifer Garner as the lead actress) he played a nice guy back in 2001. If you have not seen Alias you of the best shows on TV back when they used to write shows instead of produce reality wastelands.

Cooper is known for The Hangover films, cult dude classics and a lady's leading man or hot man. Although we think Ryan Gosling is a great contender because he is in several great films (one Gosling movie is up for a Oscar nod, can you guess? hint George Clooney's in it) and Ryan Gosling is linked to Eva Longoria or maybe not depending on when this article is read.

Ryan Gosling

Whatever... you guys decide?

Bradley Cooper Limitless premiere New York City
Bradley Cooper
Blue Suit

Who is hotter Bradley Cooper or Ryan Gosling?

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