Couples...Sex and Money...Is it worth it?

Couples Sex for Cash
Every minute over 2 million people are viewing porn - including pictures, streaming live or taped. Any one of those pictures, videos or live streams could be of a couple taking a risk to make quick cash of up to a $1,000 a week.

When is it dangerous for a couple to create erotic videos for quick cash?

Over 24 million sites online with anonymous voyeurs (your pictures and videos are never really safe once it is on the Internet) streaming live around the world exhibiting sex. Is it addictive for fast money?

When does it start to cloud "I'm living out my fantasy and I am there fantasy" says Sierra...but at what cost?
We are not judging but if your trying to make ends meet and thinking about online sex for cash take a moment to watch this episode
Lisa Lang, Our America "Amateur Porn" and/or listen to MyLunakiss Blog Talk Radio show live or at your leisure, by clicking here.

Who says or dictates what is bad or good and who defines our social conscious!

If it damages you or your relationship then is it worth it?


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