What's Your Number? 13,000?

by Barbie Kiss

What's Your Number Movie Poster
 Ever wonder, how many men you have been intimate with? Or do you even know? Have you ever been asked by your partners? I have and that is when I catch a sudden case of memory lapse.

Personally, I don't count and tell and I remember several years ago, if a woman slept with more than 10 then it was a shocker...she might as well sign up for a cast spot on the Jersey Shore. Since then, times have changed, and it seems 20 is the new 10 - it doesn't really matter how many men you have slept with as long as you are not spreading an STD to your future lovers (safety is first Ladies!).

What's Your Number Alternate Movie Poster
  It seems that the number of men a woman has bedded is the theme for the movie, What's Your Number, a rated R film about a woman that looks back at the past twenty men she's had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love. I think it should be more of "what did I learn" but hey this is a movie and we need a fairytale ending. Lead actress, Anna Faris continues her role as a somewhat dim-witted but caring woman that is searching for true love without apology.

According to IMdb, What's Your Number is ruder and funnier than many older rom-coms with hand-job jokes, potty-mouthed dialogue and a female character who is liberated, crude and played by a star who is definitely not too shy or vain to embarrass herself.

It's funny the double standard because men who sleep around wear the badge of "how many woman they slept with" like a medal. Perfect example, rumour has it Warren Beatty (Madonna's ex-boyfriend and famous actor) slept with over 13,000 women...maybe that is a bit extreme but I think it is important to stress the hypocrisy.

Am I suggesting, you should go see What's Your Number? It's up to you...but hey we all could do with toilet humour every now and then.


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