Mob Wives...Creator of the Mayhem!

by Barbie Kiss

You know that mylunakiss is obessed with Vh1's Mob Wives and to prove it ...take a moment to peruse  our articles.
Who is the creator of Mob Wives?...well, in case you have lived under a rock is Jennifer Graziano, sister of our favorite glitz mob wife, Renee Graziano.

Creator and executive producer, Jennifer Graziano, of JustJenn Productions is reponsible for the VH1 mega hit. Jennifer has a masters degree in business from NYU and Jen's alliances with heavy hitters like Harvey Weinstein and Ben Silverman... who produced the "Real Housewives" style drama and melds it with mob classics like "The Sopranos" and "Goodfellas" to create a classic reality monster hit like Mob Wives.

If you want to show your love for Mob Wives check out this Mob Wives Tee!

Taping of Mob Wives, Season II started in July 2011 and scheduled to premiere in January 2012 so stay tuned and if you missed any of the episodes, VH1 archived the entire season of Mob Wives on their website including selling tee team t-shirts like this is a Twilight affair.

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