Life is short... be free sunbathing with a pint of beer!

by Barbie Kiss

Famous words "Life is short, make the most of it" spoken by many well known philosophers and actors and actresses whenever they want to sound "deep" but we truly live by that mantra, when I see we I mean staff..well at least most of us.

This mantra is not only for the successful and famous, you can adopt the "life is short" attitude and try new things, explore new places and be open to life.

MyLunakiss Top 5 things to do before you can't...Dammit!

Canary Islands
  1. Go Skinny dipping or sunbathing sans clothes. Everyone should do that at least once..right! Best places to go clothes free is the Canary Islands according to TripAdvisor contributors. In case anyone is wondering where that is or how far...check out this link:
  2. Hot Air Balloons, Napa Valley
  3. Hot Air is not only from the exhaust of an engine or a gritty subway how about going in a Hot Air Ballons? The thought conjures up memories of that retro song ..."up up and away in my beautiful balloon". Hot Air Balloons are romantic for the adventure types or not... since we are embarking on new territory. Why not take a chance go in a hot air balloon over Napa Valley, CA. Check it out:
  4. Eat French bread in Paris and have a pint of Guiness in London - you can do all of that if you travel to Europe. It does not cost as much as you might think, only the flight time and time change but aside from that why the hell not! I am always amazed whenever I meet people that have not traveled more than 100 miles from where they live.  I know several people that have not traveled out of their state with the exception of the obligatory trip to Grandparents territory...Florida. Check out some great deals: and they tell how long it will take but hey you can use that time to catch up on your favorite book or sleep.
  5. Take a chance on Love! Ever wonder about the guy you used to date a zillion years ago and there was a connection but you never admitted it to him. Or perhaps you are dreading the reunion you have to attend, don't fret - this is your time to shine. Take a chance, express how you feel to someone you really like, love or lust because you never know what could happen. Go to Zaba Search or or Facebook and write that note dammit.
  6. Live your dream. Don't wait for someone else to inspire you. Maybe your dream was to break dance in a group or play the piano. It's not too late you can take lessons. If you love "Dancing with the Stars" and wearing flashy outfits...then what are you waiting for really? Get up off that couch and throw out the potato chips and find a dance class. You never know what other opportunities could be open to you if you follow your dreams. By golly there is a site dedicated to dream here.


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