Happy Birthday to Me...Sexy Libra's welcome Hallows Eve

Are horoscopes messages from the future? Can you really chart your day with a horoscope reading? Don't ask me ....but it's fun to read.

For those of you who read your horoscope daily or bi-weekly or once a month, visit us often to find out the romantic side of your sign.

September 23rd to October 22nd marks the sign of Libra. Libra is ruled by planet Venus.

Libra Woman Love Compatibility
  • The sign of a Libra is represented by scales so she needs partner to balance her life.
  • A Libra woman needs to feel like an equal partner. Most Libra women are independent. 
  • Libra women do not like to be put down or insulted (I don't know anyone that does)
  • Libra women search for peace and equality
  • Libra women should be careful always avoiding uncomfortable situations
  • Libra women may find it difficult to live alone and will stay in a bad relationship to avoid being single.

Most compatible or love match signs for Libra Women: 
  • Libra/Gemini - Gemini is a love match for Libra because both are sociable and outgoing and have the air sign. Both sign have the same types of  friends and like to explore new interests together. Gemini fulfills the Libra need for equality and mental stimulation as well as romance.
  • Libra/Leo- The Leo man is best for Libra The Libra charm looks great on a Leo's arm! The best physical and romantic match. Leo's controlling ways and jealous fits might ruffle feathers but if you are able control it with a sense of humour then it kismet.
  • Libra/Taurus - Taurus will provide you with all the material comforts you could desire, but could prove too slow and deliberating for the quick Libra mind
  • Additional compatible matches for a Libra include Capricorn, and Aquarius, and Libra  but the best love match for Libra is a Pisces. Water signs are best for Libras.

Sexy Libra Celebrities over 40:

Monica Bellucci
Birthdate: September 28th

Matt Damon
Birthdate: October 8th
Gwen Stefani
October 3rd

Bruce Springsteen
Birthdate:September 23rd


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