Top 10 Questions to ask yourself if your man cheated?

by Barbie Kiss

If you find out that your spouse or mate or partner is cheating there are several things to consider:
Mommie Dearest  - No More Cheating
  • Is this first time this has happened? Yes, maybe there were signs of trouble in your relationship that you ignored. No, this is the second or third time - dump him already.
  • Have you been faithful to him? If no, then think about it before you act. If yes, then you have to figure out if it is worth staying in the relationship.
  • Are you married to him? Marriage is a different commitment from dating. If he is your boyfriend you have to wonder what he will do when you are married.
  • How long have you been together? If you met him a couple months ago and you find out he is far away, he is not worth your time...only if the commitment between the both of you was established as monogamous.
  • Do you have kids with this person? No, then he does not have to be involved in your life long term. Yes, well maybe you should consider if it is worth staying together. Don't do it only for the kids if the connection between both of you cannot be salvaged.
  • Can you forgive? If you are going to bring up his infidelity after you forgave him every time you have an opportunity then maybe you really can't forgive. If you decide to forgive someone you start from a new beginning that does not mean you forget but don't become Mommie Dearest either.
  • Is the relationship you have with him worth saving? If there were problems brewing before in the relationship that you have not addressed and his affair is another notch on the "my guy is a loser" roster then is it really worth it? There are other men out there will treat you with respect.
Cheating Man checking his Blackberry
  • Was this a one night stand? Or did he cheat on you with an ex-girlfriend or a friend or worse someone related to you or one of your girlfriends. Yes, to anyone of these questions will lead to more baggage to deal with and it involves other people.
  • Is he a player?  If yes, then chances of him being committed to you long term is a big fat NO.
Woman ignoring her Cheating Man
  • Is he good in bed? This sounds cheap and tawdry but do you really want to stay with someone that sucks in bed. I mean really.


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