Sequin Seduction.... Top 5 Hot Celebs

by Barbie Kiss

Glitter and sparkles...sequins and shiny gold or blue or whatever color...a few of our favorite sexy looks that never go out of style in our book. We know that glittery fabrics can be a bit much at times but mylunakiss loves the look and the right cut and style is timeless and always sexy.

Sequin History Fact:

Sequins are disk-shaped beads used for decorative purposes on everything from clothing to jewelry to handbags to shoes. According to wikipedia, signs made with sequins were called schmaltz, as were the sequins themselves in that context.

The origin of the sequin is thought to derive ancient Mediterranean times in countries like Persia. A type of coin, known as a sikka is now known as a sequin.

See MyLunaKiss Top 5 Sequin Gold and Blue Celeb Looks:

Glitter Dress with Low Back
Gold Sequin Shift Dress with Animal Print Pattern

Gold Glitter Spike Dress

Retro Halter Dress with Sequins

Blue Sequin Dress and Men's Jacket

MyLunaKiss Sequin Pick for Fall 2011!

Fits up to a size 44!

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